Work in progress: my new studio

By Angeli

This was my old craft studio in the old house.

old craft room left

Lots of space, but I could barely work there because it was so hot. I miss the white walls and wooden floor though!

old craft room

And this is what my new studio looks like so far in our new home. We are still unpacking, please excuse the mess. Pffft, who am I kidding. I think the space looks tidier now than it ever will be in the months ahead. Haha!


I get this little hallway on the second floor. I love it because when I open the door, the country breeze blows in! So relaxing. Plus, this space gets light at any time of the day! I love pulling out a floor pillow, and sitting with a book right by the door.

My husband attached some of the overhead shelves from the old studio. He’s turning out to be quite the handyman! My space here is smaller, so I can’t use the entire L-shaped cabinetry. But I am determined to maximize whatever I got. I have come to realize that more space doesn’t necessarily mean more productivity. My old craft room was huge, but I rarely worked there because I almost never had time. Let’s hope that the productivity vs. floor area ratio turn out to be inversely proportional in the new studio. Teehee!


On the other end of the hallway is this bright and airy room with a gorgeous view of the grassland outside. This is going to be the family room, but we don’t have furniture for it yet. So I am temporarily camped here. The hubby has positioned my tables here, but I will pack up and move them somewhere else when we get sofas and stuff.  Which isn’t in the near future, because we don’t have money for those yet.


As you can imagine, I don’t want to move out of this room. Lol. That view!

The best part? I have a tiny visitor constantly playing in the area. Come and watch this:

My daughter’s current favorite song

I’m so excited to finish setting up this new craft studio!

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  1. Joy
    23 October, 2014 at 5:32 am (1214 days ago)

    It’s always exciting setting up a new space. And it’s so beautiful there, the light is lovely. I think light is what I need most no matter where I am.


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