The fleeting days of childhood

By Angeli

I haven’t been working on my business for quite a while. Apart from the unfortunate surgery and the big move, there’s another reason for my being unproductive. I homeschool my 3-year-old daughter and her 4-year-old cousin.  I really love teaching, and I am forever grateful that I am able to stay home and teach the kids.

But it’s not always easy. There are days when I lose my cool because they do not seem to “pay attention”. I then mentally kick myself because I know the fault is mine. They ARE paying attention – they just have funny ways of learning. Ways that are but natural in children. I have to constantly remind myself to lose the school mentality – to let kids be kids and to see the world through their eyes.

Then there are days like today. Today was AWESOME. And this is what an awesome day looks like. :)





yapoy blue wall


yapoyI pray for more days filled with awe, spontaneous learning, and fond-memories-in-the-making.




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  1. Pam
    31 October, 2014 at 3:47 am (1235 days ago)

    Your photos are amazing, and she clearly looks happy! She may be too young to realize your love but she definitely feels it!


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