Thank God I have a little girl

By Angeli


We interrupt regular programming because something exciting happened today: we got our daughter her first doll house! Oh my gosh, it is so adorable. It’s like a gingerbread house, but a lot more colorful. It has a teapot for a chimney, cookies for windows, and books for the roof. Perfect! The little girl loves it. She played with it all afternoon until past bedtime.

Of course the other little girl (aka the mommy, haha!) is head over heels in love with it too. I’ve been eyeing this doll house for a year now, and wanted to buy it for myself – hahaha! I didn’t really think we’d be getting it until my little girl was at least 4. I’m so lucky she showed interest for a doll house this early! I cannot wait to make tiny little custom things for it!

The 2-year-old is pretty good with tiny things by the way. She’s really careful and knows how to arrange the furniture all by herself!

Doll in photo is a polymer clay pendant created by my friend (and my daughter’s fairy godmother) Rochelle Diccion of Little Rock Creations.

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2 Comments on Thank God I have a little girl

  1. Ria
    11 November, 2013 at 1:54 am (1563 days ago)

    Aww this sounds adorable! My little girl has played with a dollhouse since she was 2 over at her grandma’s house – but she might be getting another one for home at christmas – i’m spoilt for choice myself too – wouldn’t be at all ashamed to have a little playtime by myself – especially in my ‘crazy lady moments!’

    enjoy! x

    • Angeli
      12 November, 2013 at 10:55 am (1562 days ago)

      Two doll houses – now that’s an idea! Haha!


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