Playing with miniatures

By Angeli

sylvanian families craft roomIf you love miniatures, come take a peek into our teeny tiny craft room!


Sylvanian families craft roomA super cute craft room using vintage (I think) critters and accessories we got on sale from Toy Town in Glorietta.

I want to believe they’re *kinda* vintage because the Elephant family was in a super old box (phased-out packaging), and you can see Mommy’s flocking is a bit scuffed (and brittle to the touch). The cupboard on the right is a standard Sylvanian item which I painted with acrylic paint. The cabinet on the left, which holds miniature bolts of fabric, was a gift from a dear friend. I also painted it with acrylic. The adorable sewing machine and thingamabobs came with the *kinda* vintage Mole Mother and Daughter set, which we also got on sale. The basket is from the Watermill Bakery, while the white table is from the Country Doctor’s clinic.

Here is another shot, in a larger room. You can see the cupboard and fabric cabinet better here. Can you see the tiny ball of yarn in the ceramic bowl back there? I made it by knotting some cord and winding it round and round to form a ball. Sounds simple, but it was a challenge to make because it was so small! The carpet is a tiny swatch of fabric I got for free, from a fabric store some 8 or 9 years ago!

sylvanian families miniature craft roomI think my favorite piece in this whole scene is the pair of scissors. It opens and closes! Too cute. I wanna make more of these scenes! My little girl and I enjoyed this so much, so I decided… we are making a little Sylvanian Families village! I still don’t know when to find the time to work on it, or how to execute it, but I’m so excited! This is a start! What do you think?

This came about because we decided to join a photo contest organized by Ms. Pinky Cuaycong of and PH Sylvanian Families on Facebook, and Ban Kee Trading, the official distributor of Sylvanian Families in the Philippines. The theme is LOVE. And here is my entry.

sylvanian families craft room

 Love is sharing your passion with your daughter. Love is letting her “help out” even if it means taking longer to finish a project. It is saying yes, even if it means having to clean up a big mess afterwards. :p

This is a photo of me and my mom. And this is also a photo of me and my daughter. I’ve come full circle! <3

I hope to win a doll house for Ally, or a Squirrel family! Please help us pray for it! :D


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  1. Bea De Guzman
    31 January, 2016 at 12:02 pm (752 days ago)

    Hello! Im looking for miniature materials for my classroom replica like chairs, tables, cubbie holes, and more.. thanks


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