Work in progress: my new studio

By Angeli


This was my old craft studio in the old house. Lots of space, but I could barely work there because it was so hot. I miss the white walls and wooden floor though! And this is what my new studio looks like so far in our new home. We are still unpacking, please excuse the mess. [...]

God’s plan

By Angeli


Major things happened since I last posted here. Just a few days after my last post, I suffered an ectopic pregnancy. In early June, they took away our baby – who we’ve been praying for, but never knew was already in my tummy – and took away my right fallopian tube. I have been trying [...]

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DIY: Miniature cake stand

By Angeli

mini cake stand cover 1

In keeping with the theme of last week’s series on miniature food, I am posting another DIY that you will surely enjoy: let’s make a miniature cake stand! I love this project because I collect cake stands of all sizes – regular-sized ones and dollhouse miniature ones. Maybe one of these days, I should take [...]

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