Patchwork drawers!

By Angeli


I recently finished a dream project, woohoo! I finally gave my beloved chest of drawers a makeover! I will give you a little sneak peek, because I am super excited! I will tell you more about it in my next post. I love how it brightens up my studio. It looks so cheerful, doesn’t it? It’s [...]

DIY: Makeover a magnetic memo board

By Angeli


I have this old tin memo board + calendar at home that was charming, but was begging for a makeover. It looked so dull and sad that it would disappear among the bright and cheerful objects in my studio. Plus I didn’t really use the calendar portion, so it was pretty much useless. I decided [...]

A tiny Christmas village

By Angeli


I hung up fairy lights in my studio the other night! Woohoo! I’ve been dreaming of a twinkly, whimsical workspace for so long so you can imagine just how giddy I am! There never was any place to hang this up in the old studio – I didn’t have a large window like this. The [...]

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