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The Beadlady Online Workshops are self-paced e-classes that allow creatives interested in polymer clay to take a Beadlady workshop from the comfort of their home. They are patterned after the popular hands-on workshops taught at The Beadlady Studio, so you get the same attention to detail and rich experience that our classes are well-known for.

Our online workshops are unique in that the lessons are presented in different formats: articles with visuals, videos of techniques, artist interviews, and a forum where students can ask questions. The classes are taught over a course of a few weeks, with lessons introduced twice a week. During the duration of their online workshop, students have full access to the course materials and forum anytime. This makes the classes ideal for those with tight schedules.

Our classes aim not only to provide instruction on polymer clay projects, but also to help you get in touch with your creativity, find your own style, and achieve a better understanding of yourself as an artist.

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Our workshops are designed with your best interests in mind. The techniques we teach are developed through years of experience, and not simply lifted off books and the internet. It takes months (sometimes even years!) of preparation before a workshop is offered. We make sure that the lesson plan is the most practical, logical, and comprehensive approach, to ensure that students come out of the class equipped with the best possible skills and knowledge.

  • Polymer Clay 101: Extensive Workshop for Beginners

This workshop was specifically designed for both beginners who have never touched clay before, and crafters who have tried polymer clay but are in need of a refresher course. This class is the best choice for those who want to pursue polymer clay art seriously.

Now enrolling! Next class begins on February 28, 2014. Enroll here.

  • Polymer Clay 201: Photo Transfer Techniques on Polymer Clay

Learn the different ways you can transfer images onto polymer clay, ranging from the cheapest technique to the fail-proof, crowd favorite.


  • Polymer Clay 202: Realistic Miniature Food

Learn the secrets to my realistic yummy trinkets. This advanced workshop will guide you through making scrumptious polymer clay cupcakes, ice cream, truffles, and cakes. Add realistic textures and color, and learn the techniques in making my oh-so-yummy frosting, sprinkles and toppings for your miniature desserts.


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