Are you a jewelry designer who wants your next collection to stand out from the crowd? A happy crafter wanting to try a new technique? Or a creative mom who dreams of starting a new business from home? Do you want to attend workshops but you just don’t have the time? Or your dream classes are just too far from where you live?

Said yes to any of the above? I feel you! I was in your shoes once, and I am here to help. Come join my online workshops!

My name is Angeli, and I’ve been working with polymer clay for over 10 years. My goal is to help you create amazing polymer clay jewelry in your own unique style, without ever having to step out of the house!

Join The Beadlady Online Workshops!

  • Get in touch with your creativity, find your own style, and achieve a better understanding of yourself as an artist.
  • Learn the time-tested techniques I’ve been using in my 12 years of experience working with polymer clay, without having to go through the painstaking trial and error yourself
  • Enjoy claying along with me through live-action videos that show the entire process from start to finish, and you’ll feel like I am right there in the room with you, sharing my tips and tricks.
  • At the end of the course, you’ll be able to create your own wow-worthy and personalized jewelry that can’t be found anywhere else!
  • The best part? You don’t have to change out of your pajamas and leave home to do any of these!

mood board collage with rose locket


  • 2 workshops rolled into 1: Polymer Clay 101 and Basic Beading
  • 24 projects presented in 40 live-action videos
  • Classes are self-paced and mobile-friendly, meaning you can watch them anytime, anywhere – even on your mobile device

Ready to go on a new adventure? Join today! Enrollment is  Php 4,000 or $95.



You might be thinking: I have never worked with polymer clay before, is this course for me?

Yes! Most of my students are beginners who have never made anything with polymer clay before taking my workshops, but look at their feedback and their work after just a few weeks of taking classes:

<The workshop> really taught us the basics without making us feel like a bunch of helpless beginners. It was so extensive yet simple – perfect for people like me who don’t like to deal with information overload but still want to get my money’s worth. The workshop urged us to learn; it inspired us… The workshop was worth my time, my effort, my money. -Mica Aquino


student work arleneMiniature treats by Arlene Alcaraz

aileens-project1 Rose pendant by Aileen Calimlim

Those are the works of beginners! Amazing right? Excited to make your own gorgeous jewelry? Join my e-course now!





Here are just some of the topics in this e-course:

  • Discovering your own style and unique voice
  • Preparing a pool of inspiration
  • What you need to know before you get started (a.k.a. things I wish I knew when I was a beginner)
  • The basics
  • Roses, Hearts, and Lockets
  • Antiquing and Alchemy
  • Cakes, Pretzels, Cupcakes, and Donuts
  • Caning
  • Simple Sculpting
  • Polymer clay and mixed media
  • Mold making and production work (getting ready for wholesale)
  • Professional finishes
  • Basic jewelry making techniques
  • Staying inspired, being original, and being ethical

So much to learn! So cool, right? Click the buy button to enroll now! Fee is Php4,000 or $95. No Paypal? No problem! Email to register.



As you can see from the extensive course outline above, this class is not just for beginners. If you’re a polymer clay artist looking for a refresher course, you will love this class too!

Not familiar with the e-course format? No worries, here are all the details you need!

1. After paying, you’ll be emailed your username and password.

2. All the lessons and videos will be available to you when you login. No waiting!

3. No need to be online at an exact time or schedule – you can view lessons anytime. We do not have set class hours. You can download and watch the videos as many times as you want.

5. If you have questions about any of the steps in the projects, you can contact me through email.

6. The lessons are presented as well-written articles and live-action videos. You’ll hear me talk in some of the videos, while captions are provided in others. All videos are live, meaning they’re not just a slideshow of still photos. That’s why my students love the videos so much!

7. What about the tools and materials? A shopping list will be provided to you after you log in – you can provide your own materials, or you can purchase a class kit.

Got more questions? Feel free to contact me through

Don’t delay, enroll today!





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