Of OOTDs and Selfies

By Angeli

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I am not a fashion blogger. I can never get the hang of OOTD photos. My selfies always look ridiculous. Maybe this is because I am a late bloomer – I’ve always been awkward. I was the tween who still wore dresses when everyone else was wearing blue jeans and a cool shirt. The teen who wore loose tie-dye shorts when every other girl in class were into short shorts. Good thing digital cameras weren’t a thing yet in my growing up years. LOL. I only developed fashion sense after college, while I was working for a magazine. Imagine me being a fresh-out-of-college 20 year old, wearing flipflops, jeans, and a shirt to the office while my co-workers – the country’s top fashion magazine editors lang naman - were in glamorous outfits no matter what day of the week it was. It’s bound to rub off on you. It took me a whole year, but I learned to wear pretty dresses in the last few weeks of my short stint in the publishing industry.

I’ve been in love with dresses since. To me, dresses = convenience. No more thinking about what to wear with what. You don’t need to worry if it’s terno or not. Dresses mean comfort too. When I became a convert, I have since felt that pants were too hot to wear in this tropical country! LOL.

Ally and me

Cuddling with my little girl on our last night at #misibisbay.

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Had a little too much fun in this gorgeous maxi dress.

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I’ve been wearing dresses forever, that my friends now get surprised to see me in jeans. “Uy, anong meron? Bakit ka naka-pants?” LOL. But when my little girl started walking, I found myself looking for pants again. It’s hard to move around in a dress when there’s a toddler tugging at you every two seconds!

Where do you buy pants? I got lucky once, and found a “magic” pair in Forever21. They were the stretchy black denim kind, and they seemed to flatter my butt and hide my bulges. But I haven’t had any luck finding another good pair since! I’ve heard that Zalora Marketplace offers pants for women in different styles, sizes and designs. I might try shopping there again. Have you tried? Last Christmas, I shopped there for the first time. I scored chic Mango cosmetic bags that I gave away as gifts. So I spent about Php2,000 for 5 bags that were going for $25 each on mango.com, because they were on sale plus there was a coupon code AND an additional discount from their flash sale!  So. Cool.

So anyway, this post. I am no fashion blogger, but I like seeing OOTD posts from my favorite creative people on Instagram. It gives me a glimpse into their colorful world, and is a fresh respite from the usual sales-y posts. I look forward to seeing outfit posts from April Bowles-Olin (Blacksburgbelle), Mayi Carles, and Lisa Leonard, among many other favorites. So I think I’m gonna give it a go. What do you think? :D

Here’s yesterday’s OOTD, taken in the hotel room where my little family and I have been snuggly holed up for a much-awaited and well-deserved mini staycation.

beadlady ootd

Bought the dress for just Php600 at an outlet store in Paseo Sta. Rosa. Okay, so remember what I said about always looking ridiculous in selfies? Look at my feet. I forgot to change out of my bedroom slippers and into the gorgeous huaraches my mom got me from Mexico. There better be a next OOTD post so I can show you my huaraches. Haha!

This sponsored post is brought to you by Zalora. My Christmas shopping was paid for by yours truly though, so all thoughts and excitement about shopping from that site are all mine! :D

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