Making 50 polymer clay cats!

By Angeli

polymer clay cat charms


In January, I made 50 polymer clay cats in just 3 days. I’ve never done that sort of thing before, and in record time too! To make matters more complicated, we didn’t have help (no housekeeper, no yaya) during those days. Until now, every time I look at these photos, I can still remember the sleepless nights and numb fingers. I am amazed I was able to pull this off. Haha!

polymer clay cat charms by Beadlady Manila

This is Frida, a grumpy male tabby with a really big tummy. Yes, Frida’s a boy! Hihi. It was his birthday, so his mom and dad threw him a big party! These were given away as party favors.

I would like to thank my Tita Yvette for the challenge! She’s my dad’s cousin, the pretty lady in the photo.

I never thought I could sculpt, but thanks to this challenge, I discovered I could make more than just cutesy food charms. Haha. Credits are also in order: thank you Christi Friesen for writing the book Cats Big and Small, the Frida charms were loosely inspired by the lump cats!

Need party favors or souvenirs? My charms start at Php200. Email to inquire.

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