Living in Sta. Rosa – Gymboree now open!

By Angeli

gymboree sta rosa
It’s been seven months since we moved into our new house, and Sta. Rosa, Laguna really is home sweet home now. Before we moved here, I was searching the net for lifestyle blogs featuring this new city we were gonna live in, and it was hard to find info that was useful to me. So I decided, when I get the chance to explore this new community, I will share my happy finds on the blog. There might be others out there also looking for firsthand info from a local – well, new local that is – so I will share here whatever I can.

And here we are. The first in a series of blog posts I’ll simply call Living in Sta. Rosa.

Two weeks ago, we were invited to the grand launching of Gymboree Sta. Rosa. We used to go to the one in Serendra for Gymplay, so now having a Gymboree so close to home makes the little girl very excited!

There was free Gymplay in the morning of April 18, and my daughter had so much fun. She’s an only child, so every time there are kids around, you can just imagine her excitement. The smile on her face when she entered Gymboree Sta. Rosa’s play floor was priceless. See for yourself.

gymboree sta rosa 2 gymboree sta rosa beadlady

Bring your kids to Gymboree Sta. Rosa for Gymplay when you need to do groceries. They can climb and play all they want without you getting worried they’ll get scuffed up – just make sure they are accompanied by an adult. Great way to use up their energy, so you can do your groceries in peace, haha. Gymboree is in Greenfiled, near South Supermarket and Paseo De Santa Rosa, just behind the hospital. If you become a Gymboree member, you get Gymplay coupons for free!

After Gymplay, we went around the mini-fair at the adjacent hall. There were game booths by Lactacyd and a free photo session with Dreamy Garden Portraits. I loved how the photographer worked with the little girl – she was able to make her smile naturally! I will blog about Dreamy Garden Portraits in a separate post.




dreamy portrait studio

At the grand launch, I finally got to meet Dewmaine Ladaga, the lady behind Momster Teacher, and Gymboree Sta. Rosa’s directress. We were introduced on Facebook by my friend Badet Siazon of The Misis Chronicles. Thank you Badet! Here’s the cool part: I found out Dewmaine is also from UP Los Banos – and also a Dev Com Development Journalism major! What a small, small world we live in.

Dew invited us to the ribbon cutting and party in the afternoon, but we couldn’t go because we had to be in Cavite for a wedding. Sayang, because Zion Lahbati Gutierrez, aka Zion the Young Lion, was the guest of honor, and was assisted in the ribbon cutting by his parents Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez.




We may have missed the party, but Dew made sure my daughter got a loot bag filled with goodies. Aside from cute Gymbo the clown, we also got coupons for free Gymboree classes (yay!) and a coupon for a free photo shoot with Dreamy Portraits Photography worth Php17,500 (wow!), lots of sweets and goodies from Lactacyd. Little Moon says thank you Tita Dew!

gymboree sta rosa now open

gymboree sta rosa clown



Here is the story behind Gymboree Sta. Rosa:

Gymboree Sta. Rosa is owned and operated by BT Brain-Train Academic Center (the same group behind Brain Train Review & Tutorial Center), and is a welcome addition to Brain Train’s services. Dewmaine shared that parents, whose kids were enrolled at their Brain Train review center, were requesting for a program for their younger kids.

We are happy that finally, we have heeded to the request of many parents,” said Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga, Gymboree Sta. Rosa’s Directress, “because for such a long time, satisfied parents of our review students have been requesting us to open a school for their younger kids. We refused to even think about it because our forte was really hard-core academics for older kids. But when we had our son, we saw how much fun it is to work with young kids and their eager parents. So we started to entertain the idea of putting up a toddler school.”

Dewmaine and her husband Randy originally wanted to create their own toddler school program, but then they realized that the first years of a child’s life is too important to experiment on. Many studies show that the most critical stage in a person’s development is in the first three years of life when 75% of the brain is developed.

We do not want to shortchange our students and their parents by creating a program that has not been tried and tested. That’s why we decided to get a franchise of a program that has stood the test of time and is continually being developed by experts,” Randy explained.

And before long, the couple decided to get a Gymboree franchise. “We believe we have made the right decision. The more we see Gymboree’s programs, the more impressed we are.”

Gymboree Sta. Rosa is at 2nd Floor, BRAIN TRAIN Bldg., Sta. Rosa Business Park, Greenfield City (3 blocks behind Fort Med Clinic). They have their own building, and parking is free. They’re open from Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, and on Sundays from 11am to 4pm.


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