My work is an eclectic mix of vintage and whimsical, shabby and sweet, muted sepias and bursts of color.

I like to create pieces that tell a story – pieces that will make hearts go a-flutter.

Like sweet earrings or delicate pendants that celebrate the child in everyone, bright and playful charms with colors right out of a summer’s day, or vintage-inspired pieces that speak of a bygone era.

I make all sorts of jewelry with polymer clay, but I am best known for my yummy polymer clay cupcakes and desserts. Each polymer clay cupcake is made by hand, without the aid of molds. Even the tiniest sprinkles are hand-rolled! It takes me hours to create a single cupcake, as I want each one to be as detailed and as realistic as possible.


My work has been featured on local television and radio programs, on international blogs, and local and international magazines.

My jewelry has been recently gifted to the stylist of upcoming Hollywood TV show Scream Queens, created by Ryan Murphy of hit TV series Glee, and to the stylist of Bravo TV’s first scripted original series Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. They are under consideration for use on the show.

Scream Queens Necklace

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