Instagram Roundup: New Polymer Clay Artist Favorites

By Angeli

I’ve been spending so much time on Instagram lately, often foregoing good old Facebook. Let me put wasted time to good use by sharing with you my new favorite polymer clay people. If you have an Instagram account, you should follow these artists!

Olga Zhukova from Ukraine creates amazing polymer clay and cold porcelain flowers. I often find myself drooling over her very realistic floral barrettes and jewelry. ┬áHer photos are clear and crisp, and mesmerizing. I can’t understand the captions on her Instagram posts, but I clicked on the link in her profile, and discovered her blog. The blog led me to her Etsy site, which is fairly new. Follow her on Instagram: @olgazhukova79 for a dose of spring delights. Gosh, aren’t her flowers so darling?


Sixteen year old Oliver from the USA is a self-taught sculptor who creates buildings out of polymer clay. The fact that he is only 16, and that he creates amazing architecture and other interesting objects like pirate ships and planes, lands him a spot in my list of favorite polymer clay artists! His Instagram account – where he posts a few work-in-progress photos and short video clips – is aptly named @clayarchitecture. He sells a few of his buildings on Etsy, which I think are very under-priced! His creations are very detailed, and are well worth more than what he is asking for them. Show this young artist some love – follow him on Instagram!


I hope you loved my two new favorite polymer clay artists! I’ll feature more next week!

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