DIY: Makeover a magnetic memo board

By Angeli

I have this old tin memo board + calendar at home that was charming, but was begging for a makeover. It looked so dull and sad that it would disappear among the bright and cheerful objects in my studio. Plus I didn’t really use the calendar portion, so it was pretty much useless. I decided to breathe new life into it by wrapping it in fabric. This was a super quick and easy project! Here’s how I did it.



  • Old tin memo board or any sheet of magnetic metal
  • Leftover fabric
  • Washi or masking tape



Cut your fabric a little bigger than your board, leaving about an inch allowance around the sides.



Lay your fabric flat on the table, wrong side up, and place your board on top of it (also facing down). Fold the sides over, one side at a time. Secure with tape.



Make sure you fold the corners at an angle so the fabric lays flat.



Secure with tape.



Check the front and make sure the fabric is pulled taut. Secure with more tape. This is how the back of my board looks like.



Ta-da! Easy peasy right? Now it won’t go unnoticed in my studio!


Make your own and leave a link for me in the comments!

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