DIY: Dip dyed doily

By Angeli



I haven’t shared any DIY projects in a while! Let’s try something new here in Confessions of a Chronic Crafter. Let’s try a fun slideshow format for my DIY tutorials from now on. The slideshow is powered by Guidecentral, a lovely iPhone app I use to create DIY guides. I’ll tell you about it in a separate post.


Today, let me show you how to create colorful doilies! This project is adapted from craft goddess Martha Stewart. If you like my guide, please follow me on Guidecentral and heart it!

How to make colorful paper doilies by beadlady

What do you think about the slideshow format? Please leave feedback for me in the comments below, so I’ll now if I should continue posting DIY tutorials this way. Happy crafting!

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