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DIY mini series: Make your own dollhouse miniature food

By Angeli

beadlady dollhouse miniature food

I am obsessed with miniatures, but I never really owned a dollhouse until my baby daughter became a toddler. Now we are obsessed with tiny critters called Sylvanian Families – little anthropomorphic flocked animals with the cutest houses, shops, and accessories. ¬†They’re also called Calico Critters in other countries. We only have a few of [...]

DIY: Polymer clay owls

By Angeli


Here’s another easy project to whet your appetite for polymer clay! The great thing about this DIY project is it doesn’t require any special tools! Just clay and a needle! Check out the step by step guide below. How to make a polymer clay owl by beadlady My daughter loves owls. I made her these [...]

DIY: Easy polymer clay flowers

By Angeli


If you’ve never tried working with polymer clay before, here’s a super easy beginner’s project I created for you! No sculpting skills required! I used cookie cutters for these flowers, but tweaked them a little so they don’t look cookie cutter-ish. Instead, they look dimensional and individually sculpted, and not flat at all. Check out [...]

More embroidered polymer clay tiles

By Angeli

I made a few more embroidered polymer clay pieces this week. This is my favorite so far: bloom where you’re planted. I also made a few more “Create” tiles in different colors. I’ll turn these into tiny wall art again. I am on a roll! Thank you Lord for giving me time to create!

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