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DIY: Makeover a magnetic memo board

By Angeli


I have this old tin memo board + calendar at home that was charming, but was begging for a makeover. It looked so dull and sad that it would disappear among the bright and cheerful objects in my studio. Plus I didn’t really use the calendar portion, so it was pretty much useless. I decided [...]

A tiny Christmas village

By Angeli


I hung up fairy lights in my studio the other night! Woohoo! I’ve been dreaming of a twinkly, whimsical workspace for so long so you can imagine just how giddy I am! There never was any place to hang this up in the old studio – I didn’t have a large window like this. The [...]

Instagram Roundup: New Polymer Clay Artist Favorites

By Angeli


I’ve been spending so much time on Instagram lately, often foregoing good old Facebook. Let me put wasted time to good use by sharing with you my new favorite polymer clay people. If you have an Instagram account, you should follow these artists! Olga Zhukova from Ukraine creates amazing polymer clay and cold porcelain flowers. [...]

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Shutting the red door

By Angeli


We decided to say goodbye to the shop in Cubao. ┬áThat’s a pretty big decision to make, I know. But I am at a point in my life where a physical storefront isn’t part of my priorities anymore. When I was single, my life revolved around building my business and my shop. Every waking moment [...]

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