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I am Angeli Sobrepena Del Rosario, inspired creative.

I am a polymer clay artist, teacher, craft store owner, jewelry designer, writer, and dedicated homeschool mommy from the Philippines.

I imagine: I like coming up with innovative ideas.

I create: I like working with my hands and writing from the heart.

I inspire: teaching is what keeps my creative fire burning.

Inspired creative

I am a girl who loves fairy tales and floral prints, chocolate and coffee, dogs and daydreams, pastels and paisleys. Always the dreamer, forever sentimental. This is reflected in my work, which is an eclectic mix of vintage and whimsical, shabby and sweet, muted sepias and bursts of color.

I like to create pieces that tell a story – pieces that will make hearts go a-flutter.

Like sweet earrings or delicate pendants that celebrate the child in everyone, bright and playful charms with colors right out of a summer’s day, or vintage-inspired pieces that speak of a bygone era.

I make all sorts of jewelry with polymer clay, but I am best known for my yummy polymer clay cupcakes and desserts. Each polymer clay cupcake is made by hand, without the aid of molds. Even the tiniest sprinkles are hand-rolled! It takes me hours to create a single cupcake, as I want each one to be as detailed and as realistic as possible.

My story

I have been in love with arts and crafts probably since I was happily swimming away in my mom’s tummy. My mom is the original crafty lady – I get the craft crazies from her. I grew up in a home where creativity was encouraged. I remember trips to the craft store for some lace and ribbon. I remember snippets of fabric, bits of sequins, rolls of yarn and skeins of thread. I remember a thousand little projects that never seemed to end. I hopped from one craft to the next – crochet, embroidery, beading, sewing. Just about anything and everything my mom was into that time.

But my love affair with polymer clay didn’t begin until 2002. I was 17, a college sophomore who had just rediscovered beading. I was bored with the usual selection of seed beads and semi-precious stones from the local bead stores. Being the bookworm that I was, weekends found me browsing through the craft section at the bookstore. On one fateful day, I stumbled upon a book on how to make your own beads. The book opened a whole new world of possibilities – I discovered I could make whatever bead color or style I wanted using different materials. One particular material caught my eye because of its brilliant colors. Unfortunately, the material was not readily available in the country. It took me six long months of bugging friends, hounding bookstores, and doing research before I found out where to buy the elusive thing called polymer clay. I dragged my cousin along with me to this now-defunct pottery shop where we bought our first bars of polymer clay in blue, green, and white. And the rest, as they say, is history.

12 years later

Apart from my love for creating, it is my teaching that keeps my creative fire going.

I teach polymer clay workshops in my studio, and through the e-course I designed. I also write DIY craft tutorials for magazines and websites, and blog about entrepreneurship. I look forward to inspiring others the way others have inspired me, and hopefully help them start their own creative journey.

 This blog…

…is all about life’s sweetest pleasures: crafts and DIY, home and living, mommyhood and homeschooling, plus lots of food and chocolate sprinkled in between! Grab a cupcake and a cup of steaming hot joe. Welcome to my sweet world!

Contact me through angelisartbeads@gmail.com

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    • Angeli
      28 May, 2014 at 10:36 am (1391 days ago)

      Thank you, glad I inspired you. :)

  1. EINz
    5 June, 2014 at 3:27 pm (1382 days ago)

    Truly inspiring! I’ll subscribe via email for more inspirational works. I intend to put up my online store of polymer clay creations and unleashed my potential for crafting, I’m doing some research and stumbled here =)


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