A tiny Christmas village

By Angeli

miniature gingerbread house beadlady

I hung up fairy lights in my studio the other night! Woohoo! I’ve been dreaming of a twinkly, whimsical workspace for so long so you can imagine just how giddy I am! There never was any place to hang this up in the old studio – I didn’t have a large window like this. The string of lights is actually from my old shop window! So lucky that they’re still working after all these years!

1391997_10152824577494573_7284164258362140652_nI guess setting them up was a pretty good idea, because I felt all warm and fuzzy and Christmasy inside! As a result, after 100 years of inactivity, I finally started another project! (Well okay, to be honest, the first night I was just sitting there staring at the lights, doing nothing. lol. The inspiration hit the morning after.) Today, I made tiny gingerbread houses for my little girl. Come take a look!

gingerbread-house beadlady miniature gingerbread houseThey’re about an inch tall. Everything is made from scratch – no molds were used. I know there are many polymer clay gingerbread miniatures out there, so I wanted mine to have a little more of “me” in it. I made sure to add extra detail to the roofs – can you tell? I made the edges scalloped and lacy using a technique I made up when I created the Inchie Winchies eons ago. They’re meant to make the roofs look like cookies.


When I presented these to my 3-year-old daughter, I was expecting squeals of delight. She loves miniatures and has a Lalaloopsy dollhouse that looks like a very colorful gingerbread house. But then I forgot – this little one is very detail oriented. She was unimpressed. She said: “Mom, where’s the door? I think you forgot to make a door.” Hahahaha. She was referring to the one with just heart cutouts. Oh my gosh. The other one with the cookie door got this comment: “But it doesn’t open. Is it locked?” The last one got a “This one has no windows.”

I made her a teeny tiny gingerbread man. I’m scared she’s going to ask for an entire family.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the story behind them! Please leave me a note in the comments, would love to hear from you!


4 Comments on A tiny Christmas village

  1. celyn
    21 November, 2014 at 2:41 am (1188 days ago)

    this is so cute!


    • Angeli
      26 November, 2014 at 3:49 am (1183 days ago)

      Thank you!

  2. everydaykim
    24 November, 2014 at 6:50 pm (1185 days ago)

    These are so cute! they look edible, too!
    you definitely have to make a gingerbread woman hehe :)

    • Angeli
      26 November, 2014 at 3:50 am (1183 days ago)

      Good idea… so they can make gingerbread babies! Haha!


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